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This page is for photos that are not part of a specific post.  

Sheer Empire Valance, for Cheryl: this is a pale, pale green sheer lined with voile, with a tiny bead trim at the bottom.

Here are some shirred balloons for Cheryl:
This is the one I was talking about on the forum- it doesn't have a lot of fullness, not quite 1.5x full, but it's shirred with 4-cord tape on the front, and stapled to the top of the board.   Just scrunch the fabric on the top of the board, staple, then flatten out with tacking strip when covering the board.  I wish I had a close-up of it.   It's a valance but strung to be adjustable with a cord lock.

Here is a balloon shade (also valance strung to be adjustable with cord lock) that's shirred with a finished top, stapled to the 3/4" side of the board, the staple/shirring line covered with twist cord hot-glued on.  No close-up of this, either.

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