Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A ho-hum photo of a pretty Austrian shade

Please excuse the poor showing this shade makes in this photo- I was in a hurry and had no time to take a nice shot of this actually very beautiful Austrian shade.  And you can see I didn't have time to dress it at all, either- the flowers look all random but they aren't really, really!  They're just hidden in the messy folds.  I'm hoping the decorator will send me a pic once she's installed it!

Yes, it does bow in slightly.  That's one of the idiosyncracies of Austrian shades. Since I was rushing, I made no attempt to straighten it out for this picture; it will look straighter once it's dressed.

Funny thing about Austrian shades.  I might not get a call for them for, like, two years, then three different people will ask about them.  That's what has happened this month, so we'll see if the other two orders come through.  I hope so!  I love making them. 

They're like magic- yards and yards of just fabric, transformed into the most elegant and graceful of window treatments with the simplest of techniques.  They are spectacular whether one section, like this one, or a whole wall full of shirring. 

At triple fullness in length, however,  it is a lot of work to do all that shirring and believe me, my hands and arms get tired making a big Austrian shade, and the shirring has to be carefully distributed so that it's consistent all the way across all the sections.

Well, let's hope that there will be more to show you in the coming weeks!


  1. What a gorgeous fabric. I hope you get pic to show. I have very few pics of my work now as only one of my designers bothers to photograph their work.