Sunday, January 29, 2012

Retro-fitting 13 shades

This client thought she wanted 13 unlined, casual valances that looked like pulled-up Roman shades.  She and the designer decided on making stationary mini shades to be set with cord locks.

Once they were installed, the client realized that the look was not what she wanted after all.  So we made a little mock-up of a faux hobbled valance, and they pinned it to the proportions they wanted.

The goal was to retro-fit without taking them totally apart or off the boards, to keep the cost down.  So we removed the cord locks, strings, and rings, and keeping them on the boards, sewed pockets for ribs, a somewhat awkward project, but it worked.

The way the numbers worked out, we were able to just fold up the old weight bar pocket and sew it down- the seams were hidden behind the hobble.

Then added translucent tapes to hold the ribbed pockets in place, and voila: 13 new valances!

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