Thursday, February 14, 2013

My U. S. Blindstitch Valentine

Our new U. S. Blindstitch seems to wear her heart on her sleeve, like a red Valentine candy heart that says simply.... "US."  I just know that we're in this together.

And with an appealing dial labeled "More....Less" I feel confident that she is sensitive to my needs.  How could a machine possibly be more accommodating?  More.  Less.  Awwww! 

I've needed a proper blindhemmer forever, and I was lucky enough to find one of these old sweethearts, a refurbished U. S. Blindstitch in green, the best they made from what I've heard.

Put to the test almost immediately, this darling made short work of miles of hemming that would have taken weeks by hand.  I sewed the trim on first and after some practice was able to blind-hem right behind it.

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