Thursday, September 25, 2014

Recent projects-

Oh, blog!
Hello, blog.   I want to keep up better!- but lately I'm lucky to get in one post a week.
This past week I've spent more time on planning and paperwork than fabrication.  The upcoming autumn season is going to be super hot and there's a lot of preparation going on.
But here are a few tidbits of recent projects.
Banding on 4 sides is tough- first you have to be really precise with the measurements because there's no wiggle room; second, there are 4 miters instead of only 2 so that makes it twice as no fun!
This linen trained with one lift of the shade.  You can see how nicely the folds have formed.
Banding on a shade with a return is a little unusual.  The banding is just 1/2" wide and the return 1" so the designer decided to go ahead and wrap the return.
The shade really isn't crooked.  It's just a perspective thing. 

This double London valance is notable because of how the pleats are made.
When I first started as a fabricator, Londons were made with single pleats, not double inverted pleats.  Nowadays they're mostly made with double pleats which results in more fullness and longer tails.
However, sometimes I prefer them with single pleats.  Occasionally it's to save fabric,  and often to keep the fullness understated, and to keep the tails even with the swoops.
Cushions!  I don't make them very often anymore, though they used to be my primary product along with pillows.  But I went ahead and made these because it was really nice fabric.
And some pillows with gorgeous trims.
OK!  Hope to be back sooner rather than later!

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