Thursday, November 6, 2014

A first time for everything.... joining widths by hand

I wondered when the day would come that I would join widths by hand.
This fine wool-cotton blend from De Le Cuona reduced me to that extremity.
I joined by machine and was horrified and appalled at the outcome, so I took out the seams and began hand-sewing with the smallest stitches I've ever made in my life.
The fabric is fluid so it's hard to pinpoint the grain, but on the other hand, it is so impeccably woven that the pattern can be matched down to the thread.  It's a fortune but I can see why.  It's a thrill to work on such superb fabric!
As I continue, I'm getting faster.  At first it was about a minute for an inch-  !!!!!!!  - with a 120" cut length that's 2 hours for one seam!  BUT after a yard or so I got it down to less than half a minute per inch, and now I'm comfortable with the method and it's even faster.  Thank goodness for this maiden voyage the fabric is extremely forgiving and the thread is undetectable.
It's 60" wide so I've matched it into the goods to keep the seam away from the center of the motifs so it will not be in the middle of the pleat when the draperies are pleated to pattern.
By the time I'm done, I hope to be good enough to go work for Penny Bruce :)

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