Monday, December 8, 2014

A surprise, improv, return flaps, and color-block

Workrooms often don't get to see their work in a truly finished room.
Often when we go to measure, the room is still under construction, like this one.
The day we came to install the treatments, there was a carpet in place but no furniture.
There was also a big surprise.
These built-ins were not there when I measured!!! 
The shade needed barely 1/4" off one side of the board.  The fabric fit just fine.
Well, we are nothing if not problem-solvers, and Mario's improv experience serves him well in all phases of his life.  He wielded the saw, and I helped by applying my weight to the miter box.  A little hot glue and a couple of screws later, that shade was hangable.

Fusible buckram has more magical uses than I can count, and one of my faves is to stiffen return flaps for shades.  Here I made 5 pair.  Sewing them makes them too bulky so I use double-sided adhesive. 
A quick fold and steam-
And they're ready to be attached.
Here they are from the front, on a different shade.
A peek underneath-
And from behind:
Curious to see the color-block shade?


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  1. I like your idea on the end flaps! Thank you for sharing the idea. I will give it a try on the two romans I am about to start tomorrow. I always struggle to get those end flaps as perfect as I can. I will try the tape. I have been sewing mine and I do use the bukram. I have that very tape! I recognize the part you peel off :O). I must admit I am always a bit giddy when the client wants inside mount .. tee hee no flaps! Here in Texas with our deep window casings I do way more inside mount than out.