Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Rippling to Pattern

This is the first ripplefold curtain that I've made that had to be pleated to pattern.  We worked with the designer, Denise Wenacur, to locate a very strong double rod from Lancaster Associates for this space 9' high and 11' wide for a blackout ripplefold overdrape and sheer pinch pleat underdrape. 

We prepared the ripplefold panel- 5 widths- finishing the bottom and left side, serging the top to prepare to apply the ripplefold tape, and leaving the right side unhemmed.  The panel was marked and labeled with the fold turning front and back.  After I finished labeling the folds as you see below, I realized that the seam goes to the side of a fold, not to the back, so I re-labeled it all.  Once I was satisfied that I had it all planned correctly, I hemmed the lead edge.
The snaps on Ripplefold tape come with only one spacing, so if there is a pattern to the fabric, the tape needs to be re-arranged so the snaps fall according to the pattern.  The horizontal repeat was not too wide so it was ok to cut the tape into pieces and leave that small space in between.  Every other fold matches.
The effect with the Greek key pattern was impressive!

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