Wednesday, September 23, 2015

The other sheer shades.....

As promised-
here are the other 3 shades installed yesterday.  These are in a bay window in the dining room.
This amazing fabric has horizontal embroidered bands, so it was critical to make sure they all lined up with each other since they hang side by side.
This fabric was lined in a medium grey voile.  The method I used was pretty much like the shade I posted about yesterday.  The two narrower shades fit on the table, so I worked them together to keep the horizontal lines in order without any stress.  I made marks on the table so it would be easy to align the third shade.
The 1/2" extruded acrylic rod served well as a weight bar in these shades, too.
 The board is covered in grey fabric, and the shade strung with grey lift cord.
The repeat was about 5.25", which is too close for ring spacing.  So I treated it as a 15.75" repeat, and spaced the rings every 7 7/8", which meant every other fold matched.  However, the same motif showed at the actual fold, so when raised all the folds look alike. 
You only notice they are different, when you look at the back.  And isn't that pretty??


  1. Lovely fabric and lovely shades!.

  2. Deb what is that fabric...I have to have a sample. Amazing!!

    1. Hi Monica- it's a Knoll fabric. I'll find the info tmrw and let you know.