Thursday, November 5, 2015

I've posted this on Facebook, both personal and Leatherwood Design Co pages.  But I realized I should post it here as well, for anyone who reads this but not Facebook.
I thought it's time to leave a quick post to explain where I've been..... back and forth between NY and PA sitting watch with my father who declined suddenly and rapidly after a recent hospitalizaton. He is resting comfortably and peacefully at home as we await his final journey, which will be soon. He occasionally raises an eyebrow or mumbles in response to the ambient conversation, so we know he is at some level still aware of our presence. I am grateful that both he and we have had the opportunity to say goodbye- not everyone gets that precious gift. We had a wonderful family gathering last Sunday, his last day of real consciousness, and he was content that we had one last party and was ready to go.
I'm focusing on keeping up with work, keeping myself and John fed and rested, and spending as much time as possible in PA with Dad and our family. I'm forever indebted to my step-siblings who have gone above and beyond as the most devoted caregivers imaginable.
Here is Dad with his grandchildren and great-grandchildren, at a recent gathering at the rehab place, before going home to hospice care. I probably will not be back here to follow up on this post until after he has gone. I and my family are at peace with this process and wish him a heart full of gladness and joy as he takes this final journey.


  1. Deb, Just glanced at my blog spot and was going to write something (it's been awhile) and saw your post. So sad :-(
    Wanted to say, my prayers are with you and your family as your dad makes his transition from this life.
    Thinking of you lady!!