Thursday, December 3, 2015

A baker's dozen: autumn projects

Today I'm going to show off a bunch of small projects that go as far back as September.
First, a few shades.
This fabric was beautiful and easy to work with, and pleating it to pattern was a joy.  Here is one of a group of shades for a teen's bedroom.
This fabulous appliqued linen was perfect for a small powder room window.
The light in this NYC apartment was softened and diffused with this embroidered linen.  The fabric was difficult to work with because the motifs were not laid out on the yardage in the traditional manner.  It took careful planning and confident cutting to get this shade made! 
Old-school decorating with a classic Thibaut print!  Sweet.  I made the shade out of re-purposed drapery panels.
We didn't do a whole lot of pillows this autumn, but the ones that did come through were notable.
A gorgeous geometric print was perfect for a simple one-piece flanged pillow:
Hot velvets for a store display:
Very modern boxed rectangles:
An embroidered tablecloth re-purposed as pillows:
I learned the ladder stitch from the revered Penny Bruce of the UK when she held a full-day workshop on her workroom's high-end fabrication methods.  Where has this stitch been all my life???
 I finally mastered the art of the roman shade return flap:
I also delved head-first into a boxed swag project, and managed to pull it off thanks to Ann Johnson's incredible "Anatomy of a Swag" book. 
This is not a window treatment, but I did complete my first Alabama Chanin project: a tank top in 3 colors; AND I even wore it!
Lastly, this crazy project.  This bed is a full size.  The company offers a complete all-in-one headboard-slipcover-bedskirt for this exact bed in a twin size, but not full size.  The homeowner bought the twin slipcover, the designer ordered solid blue cotton duck, and crazy me cut the slipcover in half and inserted a band of blue to make it fit the larger bed.  To my relief and astonishment, it fit perfectly!!!!!  The solid blue is meant to pick up on the lampshades.  You can't see in this photo, but there's contrast topstitching as well.  And yes it IS all one piece!  A bit much to fit under the sewing machine arm, but I did it!  And yes I did a lot of reference marking and notching before slicing that thing up the middle. 


  1. Great projects! I am working on two big soft fold romans right now. I will be glad when they are done ROFL...Soft folds seem to be gaining in popularity here. Flat folds were hot and seemed to be all anyone wanted, now I am getting more and more soft fold orders.

    Do you staple your ring tape first when you do a soft fold or do you staple the fabric and tape all at once. I struggle with the tension some on the ring tape. Trying to get a perfect tension etc? I am just sure there is a easier way than I know to do this!

    I have fabric and patterns for clothes, I never seem to get those those LOL

    1. I staple the tape first. I have the board line figured and marked beforehand so the tapes stay consistent. Soft folds go in waves here!

    2. Thanks, ok, I staple the tape first as well. I must be on the right track. It just seems awkward to me. They turned out nice but I was on flat folds with applied 2 1/2" wide bands down both sides of the front.
      Have you ever made a shirred roman shade. I haven't, its new to me. A designer is bringing me one from a client of hers. They had them made years ago. Years later now they are redoing and want them again. Apparently its shirred on ribs. I am excited to see it.

    3. Hi there- this reply is a month late! Sorry, for some reason I no longer get notified when comments come in for moderation. ??? Anyhow I can't imagine what the shirred with ribs is all about. Did the designer bring it in yet? I'd be interested in seeing it!
      Happy New Year!!!

  2. Love seeing your work! Thanks for sharing!