Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Two successful remakes

OK let's get this clear, no workroom loves to work on or remake stuff another workroom has made.  But I always will honestly consider it, and will accept these projects if they make sense to me.
Here are two we re-installed last week for Paris Interiors, and both were hugely successful.
Today's post features the living room, where the ivory linen sheer relaxed shades were beautifully made, but too plain, and the clutch system showed through.  Liz wanted to add short valances with trim detail (from Samuel and Sons)  to add definition to the windows and also hide the clutches.
After: the self-lined voile valances that we created achieved everything Liz hoped for:
The 7/8" grosgrain ribbon hid the board and defined the top line, and the swirly banding hid the clutch components.
Having the right tools for the project made it easy to accomplish quickly and accurately.
The first step was to pull a thread on the voile to get the straight of grain and prepare the cuts.
Dofix Bortentape was the right product for applying the trim.
Using the gridded table canvas and a clear quilter's rule, the grosgrain was aligned and steamed into place.
Skinny strips of Bortenfix were applied to the fretwork trim.
And again, the gridded canvas tabletop markings were visible through the sheer which made it simple to position and apply the trim.
The voile was folded right sides together, and the finished width marked for sewing.
Turned, pressed, and double-checked, the valances were perfect.
All that remained was to serge the raw edges together.......
.....and staple them to the existing shades.

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