Tuesday, July 10, 2018

That wedding dress.....

Angela was gorgeous in the wedding dress that skipped a generation!
My grandmother, Corinne Leatherwood Foster, made her daughter's wedding dress 66 years ago.
Betty Max Foster Dalton
Wilda Corinne Leatherwood Foster
We are baffled by the sleeves, which were slightly poufed and cuffed when our mother's photos were taken, and are now straight and a bit shorter.  The dress also had a belt, which was too discolored to use, and Angela decided not to replace it.
Joseph and Betty Dalton
My mother would have adored Angela, and would have loved seeing her in that dress, and most of all would have been amazed that it was saved for 66 years! 
 I am so proud of Angela for including the grandmother and great-grandmother who never knew her.
This blog post from May details the adjustments that were made for the dress to be comfortable for Angela.  The only hand I had in it was sourcing and replacing the discolored lace buttons.
Betsi helped her girl with the side zipper.
Perfect fit!
We were delighted by the fact that all 4 of us sisters were color-coordinated- unplanned!  Judi isn't in this photo but her color choices were spot on.   My skirt and top were hand-sewn and reverse-appliqued a la Alabama Chanin by my own dearest friend Camille who graciously loaned me the outfit for the occasion.


  1. I'm certain that the wedding was as beautiful and special as the dress! Congratulations to all!