Thursday, June 17, 2010

Whole House

This jobsite under renovation is slated to be habitable by mid-September!
Overlooking the Long Island Sound, the four-story house has been gutted and is being put back together.

The decorator, homeowner, and I did a walk-through the other day so I could begin to get a sense of the project. 
Fabrics and styles have been chosen for perhaps 19 of the approximately 48 windows.
This is where I stand in awe of the decorator who can visualize and plan a finished room while standing in the middle of all this mess!

When I say 48 windows, what I mean is 48 separate spaces to get window treatments.  Those spaces range from single dormer windows to double windows, 10 sets of French doors, and a bay window.

Not all these will be fabricated and installed at one time, and some of them will have woven woods or blinds, but on the other hand some will have layered treatments like a shade with panels.

Some of the treatments being planned or considered include panels- grommeted, rouched top, Italian strung, among others; shades- flat and relaxed Romans, and fabric roller shades; several top treatment; swing arm curtains for basement windows; stretch panels for some of the French doors.

I was happy to see that the homeowner's present house is filled with gorgeous, traditional window treatments- a promising sign of a wonderful client!

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  1. Wow sounds like the dream job!
    please keep us up todate with the project Debora I am sure it will be stunning.