Thursday, September 16, 2010

Top tack variation and faux fur

Our contributions to this "bonus" room are the sheer curtains, which were shown a few weeks ago in the process of being French seamed, and the faux fur and woven zebra pillows.

Because of this bouncy sheer and the very flexible clear buckram, these top tacks are a variation on our regular top tack style.  They needed another tack in the center at the bottom of the buckram, to keep the fabric from blousing out.  The tops of the pleats needed to be sewn all the way across to keep the buckram from slipping down in the back. 
Faux fur was flying while these were being sewn.  I think I breathed in as much as I eventually vacuumed up.  Amazingly, I managed to get zippers into these, and close them! 

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