Monday, September 27, 2010

Top welt on shades

Here are two shades with top welt.  These are for two different rooms in the same house and both shades are being mounted inside, so the welt is pushed sort of forward so it's not on top of the board and in the way. 
Sometimes welt is really hard to put on shades, but both of these fabrics were easy to work with and made beautiful welting.  I used a somewhat thicker cord than usual to make welting that looks about 3/8". 
The pink print welting was cut on the lengthwise grain in order to center the circles.  The plaid welt was cut on the bias, centering the small squares in the plaid.  For both I made the welt first, with fusible interfacing, and then stapled it to the board.  For a skinny welt sometimes I'll just fold and staple, all in one step. 

Cute welt- AND pink beads!
Hanging in workroom overnight to train folds.
This shade is on the table ready for packing.  It's about the same size as the pink print shade.

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