Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Empire with Knots

There were miles and miles of these valances.  This was the one larger valance, other five were 48" with two swags each.
M'Fay's Classic Empire valance pattern was used to make these.  The original M'Fay Empire had a straight bottom horn, but the new Classic Empire pattern's horn is curved.  I used the slightly fuller swag of the new pattern and the straight bottom of the original horn.     
25 yards of cording for the tops came with a lip which had to be removed and then the cord had to be picked clean of all the little whiskers that stayed behind.    
By the time all these were mounted I think my hands were shaking because the photo is a little blurry!
And I could have dressed the swags and horns a little better.... oh well, it's just a workroom shot.  It's odd that sometimes I don't notice that a treatment is sloppily dressed until I've photographed it.  Also when I read over the text of a blog post while I'm writing it, I often don't notice misspellings etc, but after I've posted it and look at the actual blog, I see the mistakes.

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