Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Two Hip Kids

Bolsters!  both very cool; for two different kids in two different homes, though I think they look great together.

The adorable print- "June Bug"- is for a young girl's bedroom.  It was also used for window treatments with a 6" band of the black polka-dot.  I'm hoping the decorator will send me a photo of it installed.  (hint!)  I just love that someone is using black in their girl's room! 
The purple velvet with zebra welting is for an infant's room.  (!!!)  There is a crib bedskirt in the zebra, and window treatments in the purple velvet.   I had to beg to be allowed to have a purple bedroom when I was a teenager!  This baby gets to grow up with it.
If you think the end of the purple bolster is sloppy- so do I.  After I snapped this picture I totally took apart this bolster and re-made it, with much greater success.

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