Friday, July 22, 2011

Night at the Opera

Another Opera Balloon Shade...... 142" wide!... with 5 poufs of varying widths.  The fabric is a semi-heavy silk & rayon blend.  It's lined with napped sateen, though the draperies are lined and interlined.

Can you believe- this is the fabric?  The gold is the right side; but, amazingly, the wrong side is that acid green.

Workroom shot:

This shade is functional, but it will never be fully lowered, so when it's down it's just flat.  It was really cool to see the green glowing through the part of the fabric that was over the open window where the sun came through.

As the shade was raised, the green disappeared....

When fully raised, only the gold is apparent.  

From this angle you get a hint of the green.  This shade operates with a 30# Rollease clutch.  If you make these, you might be interested to know that the weight bar is attached 5 rings up.

Here are two other opera shades we've shown previously: this one with a header and 5 poufs of equal size, in an upholstery weight fabric-

This one with 5 narrower sections, also in an upholstery weight fabric-

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