Monday, July 12, 2010

Opera Balloon Shade

I just love the drama of an opera balloon shade.  
I asked the decorator to wait til the installation was finished before coming into the room.  
When lowered, this shade is straight across the bottom like any ordinary balloon shade, but the special stringing method causes an opera shade to raise its sections to different heights.
So for the decorator we staged a theatrical curtain raising, and it got rave reviews.


  1. Another beautiful creation!
    Well done Debra.
    I am really interested in how the blind was strung to create that uneven hemline.

  2. Ha, it seems mysterious, doesn't it? Really it's simple. The shade is made with rings as usual. The outermost rows are strung as usual. The next rows in are strung but at the bottom the string is looped back up one ring up and tied there. The next rows in are looped back up two rings and tied up there. And so on, depending on how many rows. Then when you pull it up, the center pulls first, then the next two poufs out, then the next two, and so on. Ta-da! Do a search on the CHF forum and you'll find better instructions. I'm making another one of these in the next week or two and I'll take photos of the process.

  3. Excellent explaination!
    thank you Debra... right off to read your next post.
    I don't know how you find the time for so many posts.
    But I am glad you do.... keep up the good work :)