Monday, July 26, 2010

A Miscellany

Here is a collection of recent projects.

The first picture is my very own hybrid: a flat Roman shade, ribbed in back, with relaxed Roman folds over a straight bottom.  We wanted the bottom straight so the relaxed folds didn't pool on the shelf and also so the bottom corners would not be uncovered.  I've never seen a shade like this anywhere else, so as far as I know, I invented this myself!
If you're interested in how this is made, I'll do a separate post about it.  Let me know in the comment section at the end of this post. 
Imperial valances with jabots, self microcording

          Kick pleated valance in adjacent kitchen bay window.


Remember these pillows?  Here they are on a campaign bed, with the tapestry hanging.
Another "winter trees" shade- it just never gets old!
Calvin Klein sheer, Roman shade
Self-lined, hand-sewn.  This reminded me of fine Madras.


  1. I love your hybrid shade ! How many rows of rings did you use ? I have to make a "relaxed roman" with a semi sheer fabric and apollo blackout lining. I was worried about how well it would pull up.

  2. Do tell....on your hybrid shade!

  3. Hi there, I would love your help on how to do this one! I am trying to make one exactly like this but cant find info anywhere and just cant work out how its done (this is my first roman shade).I'd like it to be a little softer and more relaxed than the regular straight edged roman shade but not as droopy as a fully relaxed shade. Mine is quite wide also (59inches). I am using linen aswell. So Im wondering..did you put rods all the way through it right to the bottom and then allow it to relax with the skillful placing of the rings??I'm confused please help!!!Best, Anna

  4. The main body of the shade is made like a flat roman, with I guess 4 rows of rings; then below the weight bar there are 3 or 4 more rings just on the edges, to allow the fabric to droop, and they are tied up. Hope that helps!