Friday, July 2, 2010

Sheer shades, in the moment

Sheer shades continue to be amazingly popular.

This is a poly sheer which looks and feels so ethereal it's hard to believe how sturdy it really is.  

I love making these shades.  They're made entirely on the table so nothing shifts, and I totally enjoy the process of taking one step at a time until it's all done.  Sometimes I forget, and insist on looking forward to the end of the process while I'm actually still near the beginning, and the joy goes out of the project, because it feels like it will never be done; anxiety mounts; impatience sets in; dare I say that I even feel bored.  Once I re-focus on the step I'm performing that moment, I love it again. 
Boredom is something I loathe more than almost anything, so I make sure not to feel that way.  I always find something to fascinate me, or to think about.

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