Thursday, September 15, 2011

Okay, back to the routine!

Vacation week is over, the hurricane week is over, and now it's time to get back to the blogging routine.
I did get new mini blinds for the workroom......... The best thing about them is that they are clean, plain, and I can angle the light.  Thanks to John for putting them up for me!

Thanks to the hurricane, September sort of started a week late, but we're back in full swing now, working madly.  There have been some big installations and best of all, new work is flowing in every day.

We recently finished this two-layer drapery treatment.  The overdrape is a rod pocket interlined embroidered silk rod pocket on a 2" pole.  Underneath, the pencil pleated striped panel will peek out.  Both layers will be swooped to the side, tied back, and puddled.  Both layers are hand sewn.

The beautiful floral silk came with a big flaw right in the middle of the goods.

Don't ask me how the manufacturer thought this darning repair job could be disguised.  Although the vendor did send extra yardage to compensate, the flaw still interfered with the cut lengths, so we had to make short cuts and put in a smaller hem at the bottom, and a false pocket at the top. 

The pocket is a single layer of beige lining, layered over the heading to hide its raw edge, pinned in place, and topstitched.

I love how this method reduces the bulk of fabric in the top.

And since the pocket is run railroaded, there are no clunky seams inside for the pole to catch on when it's being threaded through the pocket.

More tomorrow on this double layer treatment, focusing on the striped panel.    

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