Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hurricane Hiatus

Well, Leatherwood Design Co remained dry during Hurricane Irene.   We had a flash flood during a Hudson River thunderstorm about 5 summers ago; luckily I was in the building at the time, and was able to rescue everything that was on the floor and we lost next to nothing.  Since then, we've been very diligent (/obsessive) about taking precautions against any chance of water damage.  Our landlord did an awesome job after that storm, creating very effective new drainage, but I am still leery of a repeat of that flood.

Everything at floor level is in plastic, or on pallets.  Nevertheless, for Irene we moved virtually everything to table level; this was a hurricane, after all!  I'm happy to report that there was not a drop of water in the building.

We finally got power and telephones and internet back, so things can start to get back to normal.  I hate to waste a cleaning opportunity, though, so while everything is still up on the tables, we're getting under and behind places that haven't been cleaned since that flood......

.............including the windows.
The embarrassingly dusty windows.
When we moved into this space the five big windows had mini-blinds, and now, 11 years later, they are a dusty, crumpled mess.  So today I took them all down and threw them out.
Now the big question is: what to put on the windows?

Oh, what possibilities!- a window treatment workroom choosing window treatments!  Well......

I don't want shades, because I don't want to ever see bare windows when the shades are raised, or a wall of fabric when they're lowered.  I do not want curtains, not even cafe curtains.  I don't want fullness, I don't want silhouette, I don't want clutter.  I don't want color, I don't want pattern, and I don't want different treatments on each window.  I want lots of natural light, and I want to be able to control it.  I want to be able to see out. 
I want new mini-blinds.
I'm always surrounded by ever-changing pattern, color, line, and volume; I don't want distraction on my own windows while I'm working.  Even though many workroom visitors say "but what a great opportunity to make and show off samples!!"............... 
..........I want new mini-blinds.
Cheap, plain, white, mini-blinds.
Tomorrow's project!

I'm hoping to get back to normal working and posting right after Labor Day.
Thanks for reading!

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