Thursday, August 4, 2011

Cord idler pulleys

These white matelasse shades are trimmed at the bottom with purple grosgrain ribbon and lavender gimp, although in the photo the trims read royal blue... 

We used a cord lock along with cord idler pulleys from Rowley to help the shades raise easily, for two reasons:  
The shade in the photograph is small, but the other was quite wide; so, first, since the context dictated a 1" headrail, there was no room for a clutch; and secondly, both the matelasse face fabric and bonded interlined blackout lining were heavy.

The pulleys were a great help- the cords glide smoothly over the little wheels instead of scraping across metal screw eyes.  The only screw eye is at the end with the cord lock.

Mesh tube cinched with cable ties was used to shroud the lift cord.   At the top ring the cord is fished out from the mesh tube and runs up to the headrail.....

...while the empty mesh shroud continues up to the headrail and is stapled to the top of the board, for a neat finish.  This part needs to be done before the headrails are covered with finishing fabric.  

The lining is the new Bella Notte Centurion: blackout with cotton flannel interlining fused to the wrong side.  It's soft and drapey, and the interlining adds bulk- none of that unpleasant "rubber pants" blackout feel.

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