Thursday, February 9, 2012

Beveled Molding and Inside Mount Shades

The designer hoped to install inside-mounted shades, to keep from covering the beautiful molding on the windows.  The molding was beveled in several increments, both laterally and vertically.
First we cut a notch in the back to accommodate one lateral bevel.  Then we gently tapered the front of the board back 1/2", so the shade would extend out 1/2" yet taper back to the next lateral bevel, so the shade edges would be flush with the molding instead of sticking out 1/2".

The front edge of the board was built up 1/8" with 4 layers of tacking strip, trimmed down to 2 layers for the 2" on each end where the shade side hems would be stapled, to reduce bulk.  The shade will extend 1/8" above the window frame.
Since the fabric was very bulky, we painted the board rather than cover it with fabric.  The curved plane was painted blue to match the fabric, in case it was possible to see in from the sides.

From the front, the taper is barely noticeable, and does not affect the shade operation.

In case a little of the board can be seen from the side, the front edge was painted blue.

The ends you can see in this photo will be completely inside the molding, and the fabric will come right to the window frame.  We kept the board free of fabric except for the bare minimum needed to staple, to ensure an accurate fit.  The serged stapled edge will serve as a shim to accommodate one of the vertical bevels.

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