Thursday, February 16, 2012

More Pillows

Might as well show off some more pillows.  We had a marathon this past week!
This order consisted of 13 pillows- various sizes out of these 5 fabrics.

We combined this order with another dozen or so pillows to cut out and sew by color so we could minimize re-threading the machine.

The most fun part of making a big batch of pillows is rummaging through the zipper bin and picking out the right color zipper for each fabric.  I guess I keep about 35 colors in stock, but sometimes I have to go to a local fabric store for a special color, like the bright orange in the bottom left corner.  Invisible zipper tape didn't come in that orange, so I got regular zippers and did a lapped zipper closure.  I couldn't even remember how to do it!- but after 3 of them it all came back.

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