Monday, July 30, 2012

Almost August already?

Did I say I'd be back sometime the week of July 9?....  where did the month go? 
After a beautiful week in Cape May NJ I returned to a medium-light work load and just had some trouble putting in the long days I'm used to doing.  Sure, I've been working, but I thought I should allow myself the luxury of leaving early, or coming in late, while I had the chance.  And although I kept my camera handy and have workroom shots of recent projects, it just worked out that I also found myself taking a vacation from the blog, and the CHF Forum.  I guess sometimes you need a break!

I'm not plunging right back in; I'm just dipping my toe in for now, with one picture of a completed project.

Right before vacation, we installed this master bedroom for designer Barbra Scott.   She chose a gorgeous gold linen-silk blend for the Roman shades, and a crisp striped silk taffeta from Stroheim and Roman for the side panels and toppers.

Everything is lined and interlined.  You know what is a wonderful thing?  110" lining and interlining!  The big shade is 102" wide x 75" long, and with extra-wide linings there are no bulky seams.

The shade fabric is a miracle.  It trained itself with just one raising of the shade, yet when lowered the fabric barely shows a fold line.   I don't remember who makes it; I will try to find out and make a note of it here. 

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  1. Sounds like a dream fabric ! I took a month long break from my blog too, we must have needed it.