Thursday, March 14, 2013

Fab Fabric Friday

Is it Friday yet???  If it's not, it should be!
I'm running so behind on blog posts that I think I'll bump Friday up a day.

This cityscape from Kravet is one of the most fab fabrics I've ever used.

All the shades for this home (we've done 33 so far!) have been French blackout lined, with ribs, and Rollease clutch lift mechanisms.

The rib pockets are sewn to the inside of the lining, which becomes the outermost of four layers of fabric, along with black sateen, interlining, and face fabric.

After raising and lowering just once, these folds were perfectly trained.
You can see that this fabric has a high sheen- it's almost satin-like in finish though not in weave.

For a lower level guest bedroom, three shades in a row provide privacy, darkening, and urban pizazz.

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