Friday, March 29, 2013

Bahia Blind, installed!

Two layers of roman shades have transformed this very large living room space.  A dramatic treatment was called for, and Larsen's "Bahia Blind" stepped up to lend a sense of the exotic.  Denise planned two layers of fabric treatments to provide a variety of light-filtering and privacy options.
Denise's nighttime shot

My daytime shot

Differently scaled windows proved themselves a technical challenge for the workroom.
Mounted inside, horizontal striped linen shades are fully functional.  Over them, the Bahia Blind is operable on the tall windows, stationary on the smaller windows.

Our goal was to create harmony between the two windows.  I wanted the horizontal stripes to flow from one shade to the next, even though the tops of the windows were different heights from the floor.  In addition, I wanted the folds to align with each other, which required a few mathematical shenanigans, since there was no common denominator between the two windows.

There were many details I wanted to factor in.  I wanted it to be possible for the short horizontal shades to stack up under the stationary Bahia valance.   I wanted to use the full width of the Bahia for the valance, so I curved the board to bring the fabric back to the wall.  I wanted it to be possible, on the tall window, for either treatment to match the height of the short stationary valance, and also hide the transom window area which the homeowner did not care for.

Paramount in my planning was child safety standards.  For the Bahia Blind shades, we used clear rings and natural color ladder tape, both of which are totally unnoticeable, and the shade raises beautifully.  For the linen horizontal stripe, I used Rowley's mesh tube shroud in ivory; the shade folds up without hesitation.

As always when making sheer shades, the printed fabric gridded table was my friend.  I did not have to make a single mark on either fabric- I could see through to the grid and just counted up 6" to sew my rings or tacks.

I couldn't be happier with the outcome of this wonderful project!


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