Friday, April 5, 2013

Fab Fabric Friday!

Everyone else in the house got sick, and I smugly thought I was the lone holdout- until I realized I was simply the last man standing, but not for long.  I caught the cold on Monday.  I haven't gotten much work done this week!

Here is what we're working on now: a beauty of a fabric from Vaughn; here it is on the roll, but by next week it will be hanging as draperies in a bright, airy family room addition, accompanied by the lime and royal blue pillows made from the fabrics featured two weeks ago.
When we first rolled this fabric out for inspection we could see that the embroidered pattern ran off-grain by a too significant amount to join widths for flat panels.  The Vaughn rep, Deanne, graciously had it picked up and sent out to Griswold in Rhode Island to be stretched.  The variation was reduced to within about an inch, so it can be used for panels with a little fudging.  Instead of double width panels, just the centers of each width are used so the worst of the slant is removed; resulting in approximately a width and a half per panel.
These cheery fabrics are the pillows in this room:

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