Friday, May 31, 2013

Box pleats everywhere lately!

Whether called box pleats or kick pleats, this is a timeless treatment for draperies or valances.  Lately they've been more popular than ever.
Here, a signature look for Liz at Paris Interiors.  A soft folded mock hobbled cornice out of linen, with box pleated panels over out of a sheer silk moire lined with batiste.  I spent an hour and a half steaming these pleats into place!
Denise Wenacur has her own special version of this look: box pleated panels floating on their own little mounting boards, for a very dressy, modern treatment.
Here, in the living room, elegant columns of drapery bring the eye up.

The same treatment softens and unobtrusively dresses up the adjacent dining room.
Here, the same pleat is shortened and widened to become valances.
Whether you call them kick pleats or box pleats, they are create a popular and classic top treatment.  Here, Denise uses them to dress rooms where people spend a LOT of time.
A bedroom a teenage girl can grow into.  Purple top welt defines the top line.
One of three big windows in a spacious family room and eating area.

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