Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Little inverted pinches

Diane Satenstein loves to dress her rooms with flat panels- a more casual style for a home's less formal rooms.  We use 2" clear buckram in the header for sturdiness and fluidity, and make tiny backwards pinches.  That gives the pins something to grab onto, and makes the top easier to control.  Recently we installed this style in four rooms of a house that Diane has been working on.
Kitchen- a long window that goes nearly to the floor.

Exposed glass is maximized by using a button holdback.

In the master bedroom, interlined silk is pleated to pattern, though that's not too obvious in this photo!
I love this star-flower!  Fine quality silk is luminous with the sun behind it.
In the dressing room, unlined embroidered, incredibly sheer, silk organdy.
Exotic looking trim against that sheer defines the line of the lead edge.
In a teenager's bedroom, blackout shades provide privacy, and ultra-cool fabric provides fun.
This was entirely hand-sewn; and not as difficult as it looks like it would be.

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  1. I love the white circle fabric. Where can I find this?