Friday, June 28, 2013

Fab Fabric Friday!- and the shades we made!

What a brilliant balance of color and design:
Kravet's "Exotic Travels"- embroidered faux silk
I enjoyed making shades for this laundry room.
And a seat and back cushion for the mud room.
I have a new method for making ribbed shades, at least some ribbed shades.  I make pockets on the inside of the lining, and press them downwards towards the bottom.
I fold the side and bottom hems over and sew the bottom and one side.
For these shades I used Rowley's mesh tube shroud; when it was all done except for the side I did not hand-hem yet, I slid in the weight bar and the ribs;
Then hemmed that last side border.
The last row of mesh tube shroud is a little awkward to sew, with the rods and ribs in place, but it goes quickly.
The result is a nice, neat back, especially important on the smaller of these 2 shades which is mounted on a door.  Whoa, I forgot to take a picture of the back!  Here's one of a different shade in the same house, with ladder tape rather than shroud:

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  1. I tried this method on the last shade I made. It worked really well. The back looked so nice and it was easier to slip stitch the side hem and not stitch each pocket closed. Thanks for posting