Tuesday, July 16, 2013

First post-vacation job delivered.....

My first post-vacation day back at work was mostly on the road, visiting some clients and bringing back a car full of gorgeous fabrics for new projects, yay!

I also delivered an order of four shades: unlined, relaxed romans, made from plain-weave medium-weight cotton with a lovely drape, two singles and two doubles.

The little details on the back make these special.  I got brown ladder shroud from Designer's Resource, brown lift cord from Rowley, and unobtrusive clear rings from Textol.

I like an external weight bar pocket for my relaxed romans, and for these shades it had to be made from self-fabric.

The board also is fully covered with self-fabric- taking up virtually every inch of the cut-offs!  I couldn't have made a change purse with what little was left over.
What do you think about using adhesives in carefully crafted hand-made window treatments?  I believe adhesives certainly have a place at times.  For these shades, I thought hand-sewn side hems would be unnecessarily obvious, so I used Sealah adhesive tape to baste the hems, knowing that the ring stitching provides security.  The bottom hem is hand-sewn, but that can't be seen from the front.
There was less fabric to make these than I normally like to work with, so I improvised in order to get one extra fold at the bottom in case the shade is ever fully lowered.  The bottom three rings are just 4" apart rather than the normal 6" spacing; it creates just enough volume in the droop to look great.

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