Thursday, July 25, 2013

More banding!

SuElyn Chase of Cottages to Castles had the enviable job of designing the window treatment for this gorgeous master bath.
And I had the enviable task of fabricating it!  The slightly overlapping lead edges are trimmed with a 2" band out of a delicate pale yellow, and a coordinating lip cord defines the top edge.

 I treated the band as if it were a binding: a scant 8" strip was sewn 2" from the raw edge, then wrapped around and folded in, then hand-sewn on the back.  So there are 4 layers of the yellow band which gives it extra substance and eliminates the chance of marks left by the iron from a seam allowance. 
Single shirring tape gathered the triple-full fabric so it could be stapled onto the board.  The fabric was 118" wide, and the hoped-for finished length was 117".  Without trimming off the selvedge, we made a tiny machine-stitched rolled hem for the bottom, and at the top nudged the shirring as far forward as possible on the board, and got perhaps 116" out of it.  Where there's a will, there's a way!
I like to tie off the shirring cord and secure it to the board with a staple or two, before hiding it all with the dustboard cover.  Just in case the panels ever need to be taken off, they can be ungathered and regathered without having to sew on new tape.

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