Monday, September 30, 2013

London shade fullness

This little London shade illustrates how there are no absolute rules about window treatment fabrication.
Every treatment is an expression of the numeric relationship between treatment measurements, design components, fabric width, and vertical and horizontal pattern repeats.

Obviously the pattern had to be centered on the treatment, and needed to match at the pleats.  There were two widths of fabric available, but if it was seamed the normal way, i.e. split a width and piece half on each side of the full width, there would have been seams in the front of the shade's tails.
To solve this problem, we split one width unevenly.  One seam is in the middle of the inside of the right pleat.  Because the pattern on the front had to align, this placement was unavoidable, so we were very careful to match the pattern perfectly.
The other seam falls on the return on the left side. 
To make the pattern match at the pleats, we had to work with the horizontal repeat of 13.5"- so this shade is quite full.  Generally we aim for 10-12" in each pleat for London shades, but when there is a pattern, it's the horizontal repeat that determines the fullness.

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