Wednesday, February 19, 2014

More on reducing bulk-

Yesterday's long post was all about reducing bulk on the top of the board of kick pleat valances with curved ends and made from upholstery fabric.   (If you missed it, scroll down to the previous post.)

A couple of weeks ago, three cotton print flat soft interlined valances with kick pleats at the ends required just minimal intervention to reduce the bulk on top of the board.

We laid out the three lining cuts side by side, and positioned sections of interlining where the face and returns fell, up to the board line, leaving the pleat section without interlining. 

The interlining was sewn at the board line and down the sides.  This line of stitching didn't show on the back of the valance because it was folded into the kick pleat.

The interlined lining was placed on the face fabric, hems turned and hand-sewn, and they were ready for mounting, with no excess fabric on the board.

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