Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Relaxed Roman

For these very high windows, stationary relaxed romans needed to be made as long as an actual shade in order to get enough fullness.

The fabric was a railroaded stripe so it had to be pieced horizontally, something we usually try to avoid. First the ring locations were planned so we could place the seam where it could be hidden in the permanent bottom folds.  The woven pattern washed out when sun came through, so we interlined these, using regular interlining inside and dim-out lining on the outside.  The dim-out also helped hide the seam. 
The trim was sewn in the seam at the bottom, rather than applied on top.  A facing was sewn and formed the double hem which was hand-sewn along with the side hems. 
Technically an outside mount, the windows are closely wedged between built-ins and the walls, so they're kind of like an inside mount.   The shades were made with 2" returns which create the slight dog-ear droop at the sides, with an allowance made so the boards would fit in the space.

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