Sunday, May 18, 2014

More mesh sheers

The hardest part of this job is juggling deadlines.  There are times when everything is due at once, and we have to produce and deliver without appearing to break a sweat!................ this said, by way of explanation where I've been for nearly two weeks.
Well, at least I have photos to show for some of our recent installations.  Here's the first.
These mesh sheer draperies for Kim Freeman were a delight to fabricate.

The fabric is actually a mesh within a mesh: in between the larger mesh that you can see is a web-like mesh of a super sheer material that's nearly invisible.  Kim had the excellent idea of using the selvedge as a band at the top.
We used 3" translucent buckram machine-sewn to the back at both edges.  (For iPhone users, note that this photo was taken with a 5S about 2" from the subject!)
To test the idea, first I made a mockup, and tried both two-finger and three-finger pinch pleats.  The three-finger pleat was the winner.
We were happy with how the buckram behaved except that we had to be super-careful to not let the mesh "walk" during the sewing and turn out looking slanted.
As with other sheers hemmed by hand, we've learned the hard way to pin with safety pins, not straight pins!

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