Thursday, May 1, 2014


The original two Londons.....
There is a lot of "re-purposing" going on these days!  and why not?  if you can re-use treatments that you love when you move, or for a different room when redecorating, you can save a lot of money on new materials.
Nicole Gray's client moved house, and we combined her two interlined London shades into one for her daughter's new room with a larger window.  We had just enough of the green fabric to make a new header; otherwise the measurements worked out just perfectly.  We were able to remove one contrast pleat, join the sections and the ruffled trim, and do a little nudging and fudging to make it fit the new dustboard.  It was all surprisingly simple.

Now they are one!

The kitchen in the old house had a smaller window and a larger window.  We had made Kingston valances mounted on small covered boards.
Now, the new kitchen has two same sized windows.  We took two sections off of the larger valance and added them onto the smaller valance, and Nicole raised the center sections on the sink window to fill in that awkward space above the top of the cabinets.  A little poetic license was taken to join the sections, but it turned out great.

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