Thursday, August 28, 2014

A flurry of pillows

Pillows go in waves here.  Lately we were inundated with 30 pillows: BIG pillows, pieced pillows, lumbar pillows, and best of all, spherical pillows. 
I wanted to take a picture of all of them, piled up on the table, unpacked.  But there just wasn't enough room! 
Here they are:
Silk velvet flame, silk woven ikat-look, faux fur, for 6 pillows in all
10 pillows: 54" interlined silk; pieced velvet; purple velvet, sage velvet, and a gorgeous Zoffany embroidery
3 Euros, a 8x46" crewel bolster, and burnout velvet 36" lumbar
2 of each with turquoise microcord
2 Turkish corner silk velvet, 2 basketball silk velvet, plus an orange lumbar I forgot to include
The basketball pillow!  Bad exposure.  But behind it you can see part of the mountain of pillows.
These fabrics were fabulous.
A very dense crewel in an unusual colorway. 
Turkish corners, no welt.  Oh, that silk velvet......
Loving our invisible zipper color collection.  Perfect match! (The Zipper Lady)
Faux fur, wolf style.  Very deep pile!  Sews like a dream.
The apex of the basketball

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