Wednesday, February 11, 2015

"Oh, it's just a textured solid!"

Pattern repeat is present even in the most unexpected places.  Most people would think of this fabric as a "textured solid."  If I asked a designer what the repeat was, I can almost guarantee that the answer would be "oh, there's no pattern!"
But roll it out on the table, and viewed from the side, the very definite pattern appears.
Viewed head on, the diagonal effect becomes clear as well.
I'm not sure how well you can see it here, but look in closely, and you can see a definite, not random, repeat of what is first assumed to be random slubs.  The truth is, there is nothing random about something made by a computerized  machine in a factory!   Looms are programmed to make thousands of yards of fabric, and the various colors of thread in this fabric repeat throughout the weave at regular intervals. 
For a 72" shade, that pattern was matched.  If it was just seamed randomly, it would be really obvious.  It is the workroom's job to see patterns where no one else does, and fabricate accordingly.
Two more single window shades were matched to each other and the large shade.


  1. Can I ask what you have holding your romans? A clamp of some type. I need to put something in my workroom to hold the romans when I pull them to check them. You are so right about it being obvious had you not matched the pattern "that wasn't there" :O) on those seams

    1. Hi! I have two of Scot Robbins's Workroom Valet stands. They're invaluable for working on shades!

  2. Great article! I've heard the "just a solid" on upholstery fabrics as well.

  3. Deb, Love your sense of humor! Yes, if placed side by side for sure the pattern repeat would have been obvious had you not matched them up accordingly.