Thursday, February 19, 2015

Pattern matching challenge

There was no point putting self welt on the bottom of these shades unless the pattern matched perfectly.
This project really had me concerned.  I wasn't sure I'd be able to sew the layers together and keep the pattern from shifting.

I knew the layers would have to be basted together before sewing, so I decided to use Sealah tape as my basting tool.  First I used it to make the welting.  I pressed up the bottom of the shade seam allowance, and that pressed line would become the stitching line.  I cut the welting strips, on the straight, so the pattern would align.
Another strip of Sealah tape secured the welt to the shade.
I flipped the shade over and used another strip of Sealah tape to secure the facing to the welt.
The ends of the welt were turned under and pinned.
Now it was time to sew all the layers together, and with only one row of stitching I hoped that take-up would be minimal.  I had to hold the layers taut while sewing to keep them from "walking" and having the pattern get out of sync.
When I folded the layers back- whew!  relief!  it all lined up!
I must admit that I was pretty thrilled.
There were three shades- two single windows and one double.  Everyone was happy!

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