Wednesday, July 29, 2015

18 shades

I was so busy right up to leaving for vacation that I didn't even do a post to say I was going on vacation.  I did, and now I'm back, and I have a lot of catching up to do here.
At the end of June I did a quick post 17 shades then on July 7 a post on 15 shades. 
By the time we left on July 18, we had done another 18 shades

That makes a total of 50 shades we made between June 28 and July 18!
I guess that helps qualify me to teach a class on Efficient Shade Making at the CWC Conference next February. :)

In addition, there was a room with 10 widths of hand-sewn cartridge pleat satin draperies, interlined, with Greek Key trim on the lead edges and hem, as well as 10 widths of silk sheer; assorted pillows and bedskirts; and a smattering of top treatments.
I'm going to get to these projects in more detail, as well as some May and June projects that never made it onto the blog yet.  Even though I was working like mad I have been trying hard to remember to take photos along the way, so I'm ready to start catching up on filling in the details.

Anyhow, back to the 18 shades.  (Two of which are so huge that they really ought to count as 6!)

There were two of these, out of a delectable De Le Cuoma wool:
This, out of an amazing Mark Rothko-style print, by Brentano:
These two Big Boys, hobbled shades, each 9' wide and 6' long, upholstery fabric with blackout lining (oh my):
Two little guys, out of this supple wool sheer (by now things were so hectic that I had started to forget to take pictures):
Four, out of a well-behaved, used-friendly cotton print, a pleasure and a relief to work on- and again, I forgot to photograph the shades before they were packaged (and, oh yeah, 4 pillows and a bolster):
And lastly, pretty much literally as I was walking out the door and locking up for a week, seven out of this geometric, with blackout lining:
Now I'm back, up and running, sort of, trying to go to work a little late and go home a little early, for a week or two at least; doing measures and quotes; working on my CWC classes; re-arranging and painting the workroom; and doing some FUN FUN FUN sewing for myself- I'm Alabama Chanin-ing!  More on that, too!

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  1. My goodness you are super woman! I would love to take one of your classes.