Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Fifteen Shades

Ahhhh last post was about seventeen shades.  The moment they were done and delivered, we immediately begain working on fifteen shades.
Thirteen were for one order: all were a linen sheer with blackout lining; all had Rollease traversing clutches.  Nearly all were quite long- some 81" long, some 93" long, and one 97" long.  All of the linen sheers were quite similar in pattern and density.
The other two were interlined linen/cotton, and I totally forgot to take pictures of those!
Of the thirteen-
There were four of these:

Four of these- yes, the fabric is different from the one above:
And five of these in various sizes:
When making blackout shades, I like to use fabric tubing for the weight bar pocket.  I pressed up a double hem, secured it with double-sided adhesive tape, and then folded the hem back in order to machine sew the fabric tubing to the top of the hem.  The bottom rings were sewn to the very top of the pocket.   I didn't take enough photos, did I?  Well, I'll try to remember next week with the next batch of blackout shades.
The striped fabric was a double-wide.  The crease in the middle, where it is folded to fit on the tube, was smudged in places, so I had to do a lot of cutting around the flaw.  Luckily I was able to get all 5 shades without any dirty spots!

 The striped fabric had one shade 58" wide and 97" long.  That is too long to hang in our workroom, so we took it outside with our new spring-assist stand, which when fully extended reaches about 12'.  For hanging shades, we attach the platform from a Workroom Valet at the top.  This new stand has come in very handy in recent weeks.  I'll do a separate blog post about it.
Before vacation, I have 16 more shades to make.  Sigh. 


  1. Wow you sure are busy, busy, busy!!
    Beautiful work!! What are those spacers in between your rings. I have never seen that before but I like it!! A LOT!

    Also, where do you get your stands from?


    1. Darlene, those are Ring Locks from Safe-T-Shade. They replace ladder tape or cord shroud to achieve compliance with the safety standards. Easy to use and save time! Google it, you'll find it easily.