Thursday, January 21, 2016

Portiere pinch pleat panel

An open doorway needed a two-sided pinch-pleated drapery panel on an inside-mounted track with glides.
After much trial and error, I devised a way to sew glides in between the two drapery layers, so the fabric could be pleated outward on both sides.
To make the panels, I sewed right sides together - - - by hand with a ladder stitch.  I did not trust my machine-sewing skills enough to get these edges matched perfectly.  The layers are interlined with thermal lining.
At the bottom, I slipped in drapery weights.....
And closed the bottom with a few inches of stitching.
At the top, one layer has buckram folded into the header, and the other layer has the thermal lining folded into the header.

I pressed them down and basted about 10" down so the layers would not shift when I transferred the fabric to the sewing machine to create the pleat back-stitching.
Each side is pleated separately, to pattern of course!- and the sewn-in glides join the layers.


  1. Love this. Your work is beautiful and I thank you for sharing!

  2. Hi Deborah! I'm getting ready to do something similar but with two pass through windows. What kind of track did you use an did you order the glides from the same vendor? I've not seen individual glides like that. Joann Wieberdink

    1. Hi Joanne- it's just basic Kirsch track and glides. I'll get the part numbers for you