Friday, January 15, 2016

Soft Cornice Magic

I'm entranced by the versatility of the soft cornice.  This particular one, for Monica Plotka Design, showcases an awesome fabric from R. M. Coco.
 I used the stripe in the motif as binding at the bottom.
I fitted the fabric onto two layers of buckram padded with interlining, then worked the cutout to fit the fabric design.
The shape was cut and the layers bound together with a little drizzle of white glue to keep them from shifting.  Even though the binding is sewn on, it first was secured with fusible adhesive tape.  I wanted to position the stripe and form the inside and outside corner turnings before beginning to sew.  This is a great time-saver because it keeps the binding from shifting as I sew. 
Now that I've learned the ladder stitch, I can't seem to live without it!  The binding is ladder-stitched to the face.  Because the fabric has a puckered look, the lines are not perfectly even.  But that is part of the charm.
After the face was prepared and the bottom turned back, the reverse side was covered with black lining and hand-stitched in place.  I couldn't do a proper ladder stitch here but it doesn't matter.

There are no returns- it fits between two cabinets and the board had to be just 3/4"- it seemed like returns would just be a distraction.
I want one!!!


  1. Hi, can you please tell me what is the stand you use for displaying the valance and your romans?

  2. It's a Workroom Valet from Scot Robbins.