Thursday, May 26, 2016

NYC before and after

Nothing like a NYC installation!  We were a three-person team to install an 11' cornice, drapery panels, and 8 shades on East 88th between Madison and 5th Ave.
We were super lucky- we got a free parking spot right around the corner from the service entrance, and it was good for an hour and a half until we had to move it due to alternate side parking that day. 
That gave us plenty of time to get down a flight of steps with all that stuff, then up in a snug elevator, and we only had to make two trips, using the handcart and rolling tool bag set-up. 
You need a great style sense and ability to visualize when confronting an awkward wall like this one in the master bedroom.  If it had been up to me, I have no idea how I would've turned this into something attractive, but luckily I'm NOT a designer!
Instead, Arielle of Paris Interiors had a vision, and when we were finished the master bedroom was transformed.  The hinged cornice fit like a glove, thanks to my big orange measuring stick and a cardboard template.  It's welted on all sides to hide any irregularity of the wall.   The stationary drapery panels are interlined with Domette, pleated to pattern, and hung on simple curtain rods.  The beautiful horizontal striped sheer shades will be mostly down, to filter the light; they're lined with batiste.  Behind them are motorized blackout shades for light control.
Thought you might like to see the in-process photo:
 Close-up of the cutout corner:

 In the living room, the trickiest area was this bay:
Treated with Roman shades, the space is brought down to size and softened.  This Holly Hunt fabric has a 103" repeat.  We lined and interlined with Domette and Napped Sateen for full, fat, plush shades.
A smaller shade to the right, and the adjacent kitchen with a linen geometric print:
And the largest shade to the far left:

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  1. These look beautiful Deborah! And how fun that you got to go into the city! Luv NYC!