Tuesday, June 7, 2016

French Blackout shade with contrast banding

Every time I make a shade, I tweak my method a little bit.  I was concerned about making certain the contrast band on this shade to stays nice and crisp. 
I didn't take individual step-by-step photos of the basic construction, because there are plenty of those on the blog.  Instead, here you can see it deconstructed.
The fabrics were pretty stable, but this shade was French blackout lined, so it was bulky.  I doubled up the fusible buckram in the hem, and I fused the weight bar tube to it. 
When I turned up the hem, it was incredibly solid and secure.
I hand-sewed the hem before adding the bottom row of rings and inserting the weight bar.  Even though the weight bar tube is fused to the buckram, it's essential that the stitches for the rings go through the tube.  The stitching also must go all the way to the end of the hem, not stop at the ring.
The back looks amazing!
Oh, and the front does too :)

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